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From: Commander American Legion Post 658 <>
To: skiflat <>
Sent: Fri, Aug 3, 2018 11:59 pm
Subject: Lone-Star Legacy Run

Hello Commander Schulte

I am the post commander for Crosby and also the head contact person who set up and ran the first ever Lone- Star Legacy Run this year and will be setting up the run for next year, as you know the success of any program depends on support for all members to start. 

I am hoping we can get your support to help promote the run next year as it seemed this year the information was presented to districts and divisions and seemed to stop at that point.

Texas has around 465 posts and if each post raises just a mere 100 for the run that would make Texas donation just to start before other fund raising and registrations around $465,000.

How next years run depends on posts. districts and divisions giving as much support as possible.

So I am starting now to get a list of who is willing to assist in anyway by either helping pass it along to posts so we can show what Texas can do especially since i hear rumors that next years national Legacy Run will be starting and going through Texas. 

Myself and another member of my post will be riding in this years National Run and delivering 14000.00 and possibly more from the Texas Legion Riders

Wouldn't it be great to see Texas present over 400,000 next year as we could easily do?

I look forward to being able to add you to our distribution list for our Lone-Star Legacy run information of course with your permission.

"For God and Country"

Gary Alston


David H. McNerney post 658


" Never Be Afraid To Do Great Things "

Norman Vincent Peale said

" The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have." 


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